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Texas City Divorce Attorney
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Texas City Divorce Lawyer
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Texas City Ticket Lawyer
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Texas City Divorce Lawyer
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Welcome to our web site, and thank you for taking the time to learn
more about our firm. Since 1980, Mr. LeGrand  has represented    
clients in family, divorce,  custody,  adoptions, criminal, probate, civil,
appeals, personal injury, real estate, traffic violations, tickets, lawsuit
defense and general law issues.  Applying rigorous energy, experience,
and resourcefulness to every project accepted, we are dedicated to your
success.  The office is located in Texas City, Galveston County, Texas.
Areas of Practice
 Family Law


 Alimony and  




 Adoptions and

 Probate and Estate


  Criminal Defense

  Traffic Tickets

   Personal Injury

   Real Estate Law

  Lawsuit Defense

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About the Firm
We believe the
client comes first!
SINCE 1980

Divorce is one of life's greatest hardships, traumas and challenges, destroying family and
finances, where love often turns to bitter hate, where childrens' and spouses' futures can be
destroyed.  We can help you survive and navigate the mazed holocaust of your family, the
viscious and degrading attack on YOU, the terrible emotional, financial and formidable
legal war, when you need a well-trained-experienced and prepared veteran gladiator, a pit
bull peacemaker through strength,  BESIDE YOU, in the trenches,  for every skirmish or
battle, championing your cause, your best LOYAL friend and advisor for the duration.

General Outine of a Divorce Action:

I.    Petition for Divorce Filed which may seek immediate restraining and
protective orders against family violence where appropriate
II.   Temporary Orders Hearing
  a.  temporary us of property
  b.  injunctions and other orders for protection of persons and property
   c.  temporary custody of  children and visitation, primary caretaker, child
   d.  temporary spousal support(also know as maintenance and alimony)
   e.  interim attorney;s fees
   f..  temporary responsiblity for payment of debts

III.  Discovery
  a.  parties seek to learn about the other sides case through
      requests to the other side for information, document production
      and questions

IV.   Mediation
   a. parties meet before mediator who tries to persuade parties to
      settle their differences without a trial

V.    Full Trial Before Judge or Jury
   a.  Most of the same issues at temporary orders hearing but on
        a final bases.
    b.  Division of Property and Debt

VI.   Enforcement
   a. Actions to make non-compliant party follow court orders.

VII.  Modification

   a.  Actions to change orders involving children where there have been
         material and substantial changes in circumstances that would be in
         the children's best interest to modify those orders
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